Основной Сюжет

Русский перевод главной сюжетной истории, распределенный по главам.


Часть Эпизод
Пролог First Part
Second Part
Глава 1 Intermission 1
Episode 1: The Clumsy Maid’s Request
Episode 2: An Uninvited Passenger
Episode 3: The Target
Episode 4: A Disagreeable Pair
Episode 5: The Chatty Secret Society
Intermission 2
Глава 2 Episode 1: Princess Maho’s Hospitality
Episode 2: The Start of a Banquet of Pleasure
Episode 3: Christina’s True Strength
Episode 4: Curtains Close on the Banquet
Episode 5: Expectations Grow Complex
Intermission 3
Глава 3 Episode 1: Welcome to our Cozy Home!
Episode 2: The Family at the Orphanage
Episode 3: I Won’t Allow this Conflict to Happen!
Episode 4: A Night of Restless Shadows
Episode 5: For Master’s Honor
Intermission 4
Глава 4 Episode 1: A Guild Meeting of Irreconcilable Differences
Episode 2: On a Warrior’s Journey
Episode 3: Imperiled Peace
Episode 4: Courage Lies in Everyone’s Hearts
Episode 5: The Terms of an Exchange
Intermission 5
Глава 5 Episode 1: The Beast-people and the Royal Knights
Episode 2: Deadly Dance Time
Episode 3: Eternal Meeting
Episode 4: Kaiser Insight
Episode 5: A Flawed World
Episode 6: The First and Last Student Meeting
Intermission 6

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